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AAPI Month Employee Spotlight: Chue Vang

Chue Vang: A Pillar of Strength and Culture
Meet Chue Vang, who has served as our Hmong Bilingual Community Outreach Assistant for an impressive 23 years.
Chue Vang embodies the strength and perseverance characteristic of the Hmong community. His deep connection to his heritage is centered around family and community support, principles that he brings to his role within the school district. Chue’s commitment to education and community outreach has had a lasting impact, helping to foster success among countless students over the years.
Cultural Favorites and Celebrations
Chue has a particular fondness for seafood, with grilled fish and pho being among his favorite dishes. He eagerly anticipates the Hmong New Year, celebrated each fall, which is a time of joy and renewal for his community. These cultural practices are an essential part of his identity and offer a rich perspective to those around him.
Community Impact and Educational Advocacy
What Chue values most about the Robla community is its strong emphasis on educational advancement. Over the years, he has witnessed the transformation of many students into successful professionals, a testament to the community’s nurturing environment. Chue cherishes the moments when former students return to share their successes, a clear indicator of the positive impact of his and the district's efforts.
Sharing Heritage and Promoting Diversity
At multicultural school events, Chue takes the opportunity to don traditional Hmong attire and educate others about his culture. This not only celebrates his heritage but also promotes cultural understanding and appreciation among students and staff.