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Parent Handbook


Main Avenue School

1400 Main Avenue Sacramento, CA 95838

Phone: (916) 929-9559   Fax: (916) 929-4253






Dear Main Avenue Families,


Welcome back to school!  On behalf of the faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you and your children to Main Avenue School.  We would especially like to extend a warm welcome to our new students and parents who are joining our community.  At Main Avenue School, we have an outstanding and dedicated staff.  We are looking forward to working with you this school year to provide the best learning environment, opportunities, and services to all our students and families.  We hope that you are as excited as we are about beginning a new year of school!


It is my pleasure to introduce to you our new staff members. We welcome our new teachers:  Kindergarten, Brenda Hansen; 5th grade, Charlie Moynahan; Technology, Donna-Lynn Redulla, and Jeanice Tran, School Psychologist.


Our staff is committed to providing:


  • Excellence in Teaching
  • Lessons, assessments, and report cards based on the Common Core Standards
  • Special programs, interventions, and support
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Positive Behavior and Supports Interventions
  • School-wide behavioral and conduct policies
  • Family Involvement Activities
  • Student Leadership


Our goal for each of our students is to experience a positive, safe, and academically successful school year.  You can help by being an informed and involved parent.  We have prepared this handbook to provide information that will help both students and their parents understand rules and procedures at our school, and as a resource for information about our school.


Our doors are open to all of you.  If you have any questions throughout the year, call the school office at (916) 929-9559.


Sarah Neuhaus







Parent/Student/Teacher Contract

It is important that families and schools work together to help students achieve high academic and social standards.  Through a process that included teachers, families, students, and community representatives, the following are agreed upon roles and responsibilities that we as partners will carry out to support student success in school and life. 

We, the Main Avenue School community, establish this compact in order to foster high student achievement and promote positive attitudes toward school and learning.



I realize that my child’s education is very important and I understand that my participation in my child’s education will help his/her achievement and attitude.  Therefore, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability:

  • I will supervise the completion of my student’s homework.
  • I will provide a quiet place for my child to study.
  • I will see to it that my child attends school daily and is on time.
  • I will review all school communications.
  • I will make sure my child gets adequate sleep and has a healthy diet.
  • I will attend Back-To-School Night, Parent/Teacher Conference, Open House, and other events.
  • I will support the district/school’s homework/attendance/discipline policies.
  • I will participate in our school activities such as Harvest Festival and parent nights.



I realize that my education is important.  I know I am the one responsible for my own success, and that I must work hard to achieve it. Therefore, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability:

  • I will arrive at school on time every day and dressed appropriately for school.
  • I will follow school rules.
  • I will follow class rules.
  • I will return complete homework and return it on time.
  • I will be a cooperative learner and ask for help when needed.
  • I will respect other people and the community.



I understand the importance of every student’s school experience and my role as a teacher and model.  Therefore, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability:

  • I will teach all the necessary concepts to your child before regular homework is assigned.
  • I will strive to be aware of the individual needs of your child.
  • I will provide a safe, positive, and healthy learning environment for your child, and help them to follow school and class rules.
  • I will communicate regularly with you regarding your child’s progress.
  • I will attend school functions.
  • I will help you with you with how you can help your child at home.



School begins each day at 7:55 a.m. for all students.  Students may not arrive at school before 7:25 a.m. unless they are enrolled in our START program.  Please do not drop off your child at school before 7:25 a.m.


Early Out Thursday

Every Thursday is an Early Out Day with all students dismissed at 1:28.


Dismissal times are as follows: 


  • Grades K-3                           1:53
  • Grades 4-6                            2:33
  • Minimum Days                      12:33
  • Thursday Early Release        1:28


Minimum Days (11)

September 1; October 6; November 17; December 22; January 12; March 30; April 27; May 25; June 13-15


End of Trimesters:             December 1; March 14; June 15

Mid-Trimesters:                  October 4; January 29; May 3

Mid-Trimester Reports:     October 18; February 7; May 9



The breakfast program begins at 7:25 a.m. and ends promptly at 7:50 a.m.  If your child is to eat a school breakfast, he/she must arrive between those times.  Food is not to leave the cafeteria.  Food is intended only for the student who has received the meal from the cafeteria.




Main Avenue Staff Roster


Ms. Sarah Neuhaus, Principal

Mrs. Leah Boylan and Ms. Kristen Swanson, Vice-Principals

Mr. Vern Ahnin, Coordinator of School Climate and Behavior Support

Ms. Lydia Petitjean, Secretary              

 Mr. Victor Vaca, Assistant Secretary


Kindergarten Teachers

Irma Tchamourian               Rm. 13

Brenda Hansen                   Rm. 14


First Grade Teachers

Simrit Pattar                         Rm. 5

Kaozuaplia Ly                      Rm. 4


Second Grade Teachers

Cheryl Coker                                    Rm. 3

Holly Harrigan                      Rm. 6


Third Grade Teachers

Debbie Scott                         Rm. 7

Apryle Armstrong                 Rm. 2


Fourth Grade Teachers

Heather McAllister               Rm. 17

Marcos Ornelas                    Rm. 18


Fifth Grade Teachers

Michelle Crisp                      Rm. 1

Charlie Moynahan              Rm. 16


Sixth Grade Teachers

Neena Dhillon                      Rm. 19

Kristen Swanson                 Rm. 15


Special Education Staff

Carmen Bennett                  Rm. 10

Jessa Lowery                        Rm. 8


Intervention Specialist

Kelly Zielke                           Rm. 9


Speech and Language Specialist

Tara Miller                             Rm. 10


EL Support Specialist

Leah Boylan                         Rm. 11


Art Teacher

Sara Gaines                          Multipurpose


Technology Teacher

Donna-Lynn Redulla          Rm.  12


Physical Education Teacher

Matthew Craine                    Rm. 12


Library Technician

Sharon McIntyre                  Library


Instructional Assistants

Kristina Velez/TBD, SDC

Analisa Davis/Peter Norton, Intervention



Custodial Staff

Jim Duncan

Alejo Hernandez


Cafeteria Staff

Marlene Reese

Tsun Tze Lai

Bertha Padilla


District Support Staff

Judy Allen, Nurse

TBD, Social Worker

Jeanice Tran, Psychologist

Robla School District Staff

Mrs. Cindi Lyon, Director of State and Federal Programs

Gail Hunt, Director of Curriculum and Assessment

Ms. Laura Lystrup, Director of Special Education and Early Childhood Education


Robla School District Board of Trustees

Mr. Ken Barnes

Mr. Dennis Boyd

Mrs. Nuvia Cardona

Mr. Craig DeLuz

Mrs. Kim Howard


Mr. Ruben Reyes, Superintendent

649-5248, ext.507


School Board Meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Robla District Board Room

 5248 Rose Street


Board agendas are posted outside the Robla Cafeteria and on the District website.





Bell Avenue School                         922-0202

Glenwood School                            922-2767

Robla School                                   649-5200

Taylor Street School                        927-5340

Robla Preschool                              927-0136






Parent Conferences are scheduled in November each year to review and report on academic progress.  Each conference is scheduled for 20 minutes.  Conferences are also available by parent request throughout the school year.  Please contact your teacher if you have concerns or wish to meet with them regarding your child.


Each student will receive a purple folder.  Expect school wide communications weekly.  Most communications will come home each Wednesday in your child’s purple folder.  Daily homework and any other written communication are given to students at school for your information.  Newsletters are sent home once a month.  Please check your child’s folder.


Teachers and assistants are available by phone outside of the instructional day.  We respect your child’s learning time and place all non-emergency phone calls to your teacher’s voicemail. Voicemails are checked frequently throughout the day and messages will be returned in a timely manner.


  • Please attend our school events and participate in your child’s classroom.
  • Keep your child’s emergency (blue) card up to date! Report all phone number changes to the office so that we can reach you in an emergency/important situation.




District Adopted Curriculum

Robla School District has adopted the following curriculum:

  • Wonders English Language Arts and English Language Development
  • Envision Mathematics
  • Scott Foresman Social Studies
  • Spark P.E.
  • Harcourt Brace Science


District Homework Policy

Homework guidelines are established to meet the developmental abilities of our students.  The following are recommended work times for students:


  • Grade K-2: Grade: 10-20 minutes daily
  • Grades 3-4: 20-40 minutes daily
  • Grades 5-6: 40-60 minutes daily


School Goals

  • To ensure that a safe, healthy school climate is present at Main Avenue School.
  • To ensure that every child is working to meet grade level standards.
  • To encourage all children in their learning.
  • To model and foster respect for all members of our school community.
  • To maintain open communication between home and school.


Standards-based Education

The California Department of Education has established standards for each grade level in the areas of English Language Arts, English Language Development, and mathematics.  Copies of your child’s grade level standards are available through your teacher or the office.


Our report cards are standards-based and inform you of progress made in each of the areas.  The report cards have identified the most important standards for each grade level.  Teachers will use class work, as well as formal and informal testing to determine your child’s progress towards meeting the standards.


California has adopted the Smarter Balance Assessment which will be given to students in

grades 3-6 in the spring of 2018.  Parents will receive more detailed information about these

tests in spring.


Special Education Programs

Our Resource Specialist meets the needs of children who require modification to their schedules to ensure success.  Our special education teacher has an instructional assistant who also helps our students with learning disabilities.


The Speech and Language Specialist is available to children who display any disorders in communication such as:  speech-sound pronunciation; stuttering; language comprehension or spoken language delays.


Both programs require specialized testing completed only with parent notification and permission.  Prior to testing of any kind, the school staff meets to determine other ways to help with a child’s success in the classroom.  These meetings are referred to as Student Success Team (SST) meetings.  Parents are invited and encouraged to be part of the Team.


Robla School District serves its Gifted and Talented (GATE) students in two ways.  Children may be referred to the self-contained classrooms which offer a rigorous program for high achieving students.  At the individual schools, teachers can offer “Challenge Up” activities for students who are ready to move beyond the work at hand.  Eligibility for these programs is determined though their state test scores and follow-up testing by the district school psychologist.


Main Avenue Special Day Program is a Special Day Class (SDC) serving students in grades 3-6 who display a need for small group/individualized instruction throughout their day at school.  Our students in SDC have formal Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) with goals to help each student access grade level learning meaningfully.  Our students will enjoy being an active part of the school, participating in all assemblies, field trips and other school wide programs and activities.  When they were in primary grades, many of our students participated in general education classroom activities at their grade level.  We will continue this as is appropriate for their needs.

Student Success Team Meetings (SST)

Parent or teacher concern for a child’s success in school or at home may be addressed through an SST meeting.  The meetings may be comprised of a small group of people or several specialists to help brainstorm solutions.  Parents are an essential part of the process and are encouraged to attend the meeting.  SST meetings are held after school.


Support Services

Nursing services are available as needed.  The nursing staff provides “Family Life” training as well as parent instruction, as needed, for health issues.  Any family who wishes to “opt out” of Family Life education may do so by notifying the principal in writing.  Family life education is offered to the 4th, 5th and 6th graders.  Robla District offers vision screening to K, 1st, 3rd and 6th graders and hearing screening to 1st, 2nd, and 5th graders annually.


The English Language Support Specialist coordinates and administers all CELDT testing.  This teacher provides support to classroom teachers and delivers small group instruction to students who are designated as English Learners. 


The Academic Intervention Specialist provides small group intervention with targeted students using technology and supplemental and core curriculum.


The Instructional Assistants, under the direction of our Academic Intervention Specialist, provide small group intervention with targeted students in grades first through sixth using technology and supplemental and core curriculum.




Please ensure that your child arrives at school on time every day, unless they are sick.  If possible, schedule dentist and doctor appointments after school or during vacation.


Reporting a Student’s Absence or Tardy

If a student must be absent from school, the parent is required to call the school office before 8:00 a.m. to report the absence.  A note explaining the absence should be given to the student’s teacher or submitted to the office on the day the student returns to school.  The absence will be excused if the student was sick, attending a funeral or in family court.  If parents find it necessary to take students out of school for a prolonged period of time, a request for an independent study contract must be submitted to the principal two weeks before the absence occurs.  The independent study contract will provide the student with appropriate school work to do while absent.  After ten excused absences for illness or medical appointments have occurred, all future absences will be recorded as unexcused unless verified by a physician.


Any time a student is tardy to school they must report to the office for an admission slip before admittance to the classroom.  If the student is at a doctor or dental appointment, please call the school and notify us of their late arrival.  Ask your doctor or dentist for a note showing that your child had an appointment. The school phone number for reporting a student’s absence or tardy is 929-9559, extension 402.


Chronic Absences or Tardies

Students with chronic absences or tardies will be referred to SART, the School Attendance Review Team.  Parents will receive written notifications of concern regarding their child’s attendance after three absences, three unexcused tardies, or five excused tardies within a three month period have occurred.  After six unexcused absences, nine excused absences, or nine tardies the student is referred to the district School Attendance Review Team.  The purpose of the referral is to determine the reasons for chronic absences and/or tardies and to develop an action plan to improve the student’s attendance.


Early Dismissals

If it is necessary to take your child out of school before official ending time, please stop by the office first.  You must first sign out your child.  Do not go to the classroom.  The office staff will call the classroom to send your child to the office.



If you anticipate a move to another school or district, please inform the school office as soon as possible so that we may assist with making a smooth transition.




Communicable Diseases

Parents will be notified immediately if their child has been exposed to any communicable diseases such as chicken pox or hepatitis.  A note will be sent home which states the disease, symptoms and recommendations for medical treatment.


Head Lice Policy 

Robla School District has a “No Nits” policy regarding head lice.  Children who have head lice will be sent home for treatment.  Our office staff can advise you regarding the elimination of these pests.  Please use our nursing staff for assistance.  If your child has been exposed to head lice in their classroom, a note will be sent home.  Your child must have their hair checked by the secretary before returning to school.


Medication at School

If your child requires medication to be administered at school, please obtain a permission form from the office.  Specific requirements are detailed on the form for your child’s safety.  The original medication bottle with the physician’s prescription must accompany the “Permission to Administer Medication” form.  Medication is monitored and administered only in the office.


Accident/Emergency Information 

In the event of a serious accident or injury at school, parents or a designated contact will be called so long as we have accurate contact information.  Please make sure your child’s Emergency/Contact Information Card is updated when you change phone numbers, address, or contact information.  We also appreciate e-mail addresses and fax numbers.  Please ensure your listed contacts know that they are on the information card.




Awards assemblies are held each trimester to honor students’ achievements in citizenship, academics, and attendance.  Students who participate in our school’s Student Leadership will be recognized as well.  Below are the district wide standards for awards.



Perfect = No absences and not more than two lates/tardies

Excellent = Not more than three absences or lates/tardies (do not count religious holidays)



All 4s in lifelong learning skills

For TK, teacher looks at work habits and social emotional development



A majority of 4s in writing with no 1s and 2s, with an overall score of 4



A majority of 4s in math with no 1s and 2s, with an overall score of 4



90% or better



A majority of 4s in reading with no 1s and 2s, with an overall score of 4 AND meets fluency goal



Must have a MAJORITY of 4s in EVERY section of the report card, with an overall score of 4 in each section, meets fluency goal, AND 90% or better in spelling.  Scores of 1 and 2 are not allowed.



Must have 4s in EVERY box on the report card, meets the fluency goal, and has 90% or better in spelling.


SUPERINTENDENT’S AWARD – 4th-6th (annually)

Must have 4s in EVERY box on the report card, meets the fluency goal, and has 90% or better in spelling for all three trimesters.


Teacher selects a student who has made significant progress in an academic area or in citizenship.




Robla School District campuses are alcohol, drug and tobacco free.  Smoking is not permitted on campus, including parking lots.  All other controlled substances are illegal on school grounds.  Thank you for your cooperation to student safety.


Student Rules/Expectations at Main Avenue

All students are expected to strive for excellence in their academic work, respect all adults and peers, and demonstrate consideration and good manners.  Please follow these guidelines to help you be an outstanding Main Avenue student:


  • Come to school ready to learn.
  • Remain quiet and orderly in the classroom; pay attention to instruction.
  • Respect all school staff members and the school site.
  • Behave courteously and respectfully toward students and parents on campus. Be considerate of others’ feelings.
  • Cell phones must be kept out of sight and turned off at all times. If a student is seen using a cell phone during school hours, it will be taken away and returned only to their parent. 
  • Observe proper bathroom behavior; respect the people using it and the room itself.
  • Adhere to proper bus and playground safety rules, including agreed upon rules for games/equipment.
  • Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards and scooters must be disembarked at the gates.  Children may not wear skate shoes to school.
  • All personal belongings, toys, games, rubber balls, perfume, hair spray, gum, nail polish, electronic gear, valuables, excess money, etc. are to be left at home.
  • Fighting or intimidation is not allowed.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed by students at school.
  • Do not leave the school without supervision and/or permission.


Behavior Philosophy 

We encourage appropriate behavior in the classroom, cafeteria, playground, hallways, buses and walking to and from school.  We follow a school wide behavior program called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).  Our three expectations of students are Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.  Each teacher also has an established system of behavior management in their classroom which includes rewards and is progressive in the nature of consequences.  When all interventions fail to achieve appropriate school behavior, staff will refer the student to the Principal.


Main Avenue School Behavior Rules Matrix

Positive Behavior, Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a research-based, data-driven positive behavior plan that teaches our students positive behaviors for success at school, at home, and in the community.


School Area

I am Respectful When I…

I am Responsible When I…

I am Safe When I…

All Areas


·    Always have a pass

·    Always ask permission

·    Tell the truth

·    Accept consequences without arguing or complaining

·   Always report problems to an adult


·   Raise hand and wait to be called on

·   Use encouraging, polite, kind words

·   Ask permission to use things

·   Listen politely when others are speaking

·    Follow directions the first time they are given

·    Accept consequences without arguing or complaining

·    Participate in class activities

·    Complete your work and do your best

·   Keep your body and other objects to yourself

·   Stay in assigned areas

·   Use furniture and supplies appropriately


·    Use quiet voice

·    Keep your body and other objects to yourself

·    Respect the learning in other classes

·    Stay on sidewalk

·    Go straight to destination with a pass

·   Walk facing forward

·   Stay to the right

·   Travel in a single file line




·   Share equipment

·   Take turns and play cooperatively

·   Include others

·   Walk around others’ games

·     Follow directions the first time asked

·     Accept consequences without arguing or complaining

·     Go to an adult if you need help

·     When the bell rings, freeze, stay silent, walk equipment to the cart, then when the whistle blows, walk to line

·   Use equipment properly for what it is made for

·   Stay in designated areas

·   Run only where permitted

·   Use hands and feet appropriately

·   To leave the playground, ask a yard supervisor for a pass.


·   Leave it clean

·   Use a quiet voice

·   Respect the privacy of others

·      Use it quickly

·      Always flush and wash hands

·   Floors stay dry

·   Keep feet on floor

·   Wait outside if stalls are full


·   Enter and exit quietly

·   Stay on black line

·   Raise hand

·   Talk quietly

·   Use manners

·      Clean up after yourself

·      Line up quietly when dismissed

·   Hands behind your back

·   Walk

·   Stay in seat

·   Keep your body and other objects to yourself

·   Eat your own, healthy lunch


·   Listen and follow all directions from the bus driver

·   Use quiet whisper voices

·   Leave the bus in the condition you found it

·   Leave others’ property alone

·   Use positive and appropriate words

·      Keep all items inside backpacks and lunchboxes

·      Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

·   Stay seated on bottoms at all times with all body parts out of the aisles

·   Face forward, feet on the ground

·   Walk on and off the bus using the handrail


·   Use kind words

·   Use a quiet voice

·   Wait patiently

·   Respect office property

·   Bring an office pass




·   Use quiet voice

·   Voice off when teacher is reading

·   Wait patiently for your turn (raise your hand)

·      Take good care of library books

·      Handle books with clean hands

·      Return books on time

·   Walk

·   Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself


·   Enter and exit silently

·   Sit quietly with legs crossed

·   Stay seated

·   Use hands to applaud, not voices

·      Listen attentively

·   Walk

·   Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

Fire drill

·   Wait patiently

·   Listen for instructions

·   Stay Silent until you’re back in class

·   Walk with hands behind back


·   Leave others’ backpacks alone

·   Am on time

·   Eat breakfast, then play

·   Arrive at 7:25, or later

·   Go directly to destination


·   Share the sidewalk

·   Throw trash in a trash can

·   Walk straight to destination

·   Carry belongings safely


Discipline Referrals 

Discipline referrals are issued by the staff to a student who chooses not to follow student expectations.  Discipline referrals are sent home and must be signed by the parent, as proof that they have seen the referral.  They must be returned to school the next day.  By following this process, we can work together to encourage appropriate school behavior.


Behavior Contracts

Parents will be notified of all individualized behavior contracts a teacher establishes in order to elicit appropriate behavior from their student.  Parents are encouraged to participate in planning and monitoring the contract’s effectiveness to help with their child’s behavior development.



Suspensions may be issued for behavior which takes place:

  • on school grounds.
  • while going to and from school.
  • during/while going to or from a school sponsored activity such as a field trip.


Students who are suspended may not participate in any school-related activities on the day(s) they are suspended.  Suspension excludes student participation on Student Leadership and from citizenship awards during that trimester.  Suspensions jeopardize a students’ ability to participate in the privilege of any future field trip or class trip.


The following behaviors are grounds for suspension and/or expulsion:

  • Cause, attempt to cause/threaten to cause physical injury to anyone.
  • Possession of any weapon or dangerous object unless given specific permission by the principal.
  • Offer, intent to sell, or possession of any controlled substance or drug paraphernalia.
  • Commitment or attempt to commit robbery or extortion.
  • Cause/attempt to cause damage to school property or private property.
  • Theft/attempt to steal school or private property.
  • Possession or use of tobacco/tobacco products.
  • Commitment of an obscene act or habitual profanity or vulgarity.
  • Disruption of school activities or willful defiance of the authority of school personnel.
  • Imitation weapon possession.
  • Sexual harassment (grades 4-8).
  • Hate violence (grades 4-8).
  • Intentional engagement in harassment, threats or intimidation of a pupil or group of students.



Privileges such as field trips, assemblies or ANY other school activities may be taken away for student misconduct. 



If a student does have misconduct, the following will take place:


  1. Warnings/Possible Parent Contacts
  2. Detentions/Parent Contact - If behaviors continue more detentions may/will be given.
  3. Suspensions/Parent Contact - If behaviors continue more suspension days may/will be given.  Behavior Plan may be created.
  1. If warranted, expulsion.


MAIN AVENUE SCHOOL DRESS CODE                          


A consistent dress and grooming policy is necessary to provide a positive and safe school environment that is free of disruption for all Main Avenue students.  Children should wear clothing and shoes that allow them to participate in playground activities.  It is also important that your child dress for weather conditions.  We ask that you follow the dress code listed below:


  • Tennis Shoes or Athletic shoes – for safety reasons, no clogs, flip flops, platforms, cleats, or shoes without heel straps or heels over 1 inch.
  • Tops – Straps must be at least 1 inch wide, no adult or violent themes or inappropriate language are allowed on shirts.  No spaghetti straps, tube tops, racerback tanks, muscle shirts, see through or low cut blouses allowed.  The entire stomach must be covered.
  • Clothing – Students may not wear any clothing or hats that have drug, money, alcohol, or offensive weapon symbols on it.  Clothing should not be inappropriately tight.
  • Shorts - Fingertip length or no shorter than 4 inches above the knee, no gum spandex shorts, or shorts with holes in them.
  • Pants, Skirts, Dresses – No sagging, dragging, baggy, or one rolled up cuff allowed. Pants may not be rolled up unevenly to draw attention to them.  Pants must cover the top of a student’s underwear.  Boxer shorts may not be visible over pant waistband.  No holes/slits allowed above the knee unless tights are worn underneath.
  • Hats/Hoods - May not be worn inside the school buildings.
  • Body earrings must be limited to the ears.  For safety reasons, large hoops are not allowed.  Diamond studs may be worn at the student’s own risk; however, the school will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • No fake fingernails.
  • Hair dye, permanent or semi-permanent, spray on or otherwise, is not allowed.
  • Make-up, unnaturally colored hair or tattoos distract from the learning environment.


If your child is not appropriately dressed for school you may be called to bring your child a change of clothes.


Lost and Found

We encourage students to be personally responsible for their possessions.  Students should check the Lost and Found bin, located in the cafeteria, for clothing and lunchboxes.  Lost and Found for small items (rings, watches, etc.) is in the office.  At the end of the year, unclaimed items are donated to charity. 




Student Council 

Students in grades 4-6 are eligible to participate in student leadership.  Representatives attend training in leadership skills and meet regularly to develop school goals and projects to improve our school community.  The student leadership is sponsored by staff members who work to establish leadership skills in our students.


Parent Volunteers 

We welcome the assistance of all parents/guardians and other school-community members.  Every opportunity to individualize our program enhances the learning experiences for all students.  We encourage you and your family to participate by volunteering as often as possible.  Please remember to sign-in at the main office each time you volunteer.  Knowing your whereabouts is very important for insurance and reporting purposes, as well as knowing where you are on campus if you need to be located in an emergency.  Because volunteers are sometimes exposed to confidential matters, it is expected that the rights of both students and school personnel be respected by holding matters strictly confidential.


Parents in the Classroom

Teachers welcome help in a variety of ways:  working with small groups of children, sharing a part of your culture, helping with special projects or with paperwork.  Contact your child’s teacher or respond to his/her requests to enrich our students’ classroom experience.  During your visit, it is helpful to the teacher that:


  • Cell phones are turned off.
  • Younger children do not accompany you.
  • You follow the instructions of the teacher.
  • You interact with students in a positive and appropriate manner.


School Site Council          

Main Avenue School Site Council (SSC) is an advisory group of parents, guardians, and staff who are responsible for the development, implementation, and monitoring of the school plan (an outline of the academic goals for Main Avenue School) and budget.   The SSC is composed of an even number of parents and staff and meets monthly.  Any parent or guardian interested in serving should contact the school office.  Meetings are open to all interested parents and guardians and announced in the Main Event.


School Fundraising 

Main Avenue School will hold fund raising activities throughout the year.  Proceeds go to the student resource fund which supports current projects and field trips.  Participation in fundraising is optional.  If you have any questions pertaining to the fundraisers, please contact the principal.




Fire and Bus Evacuation Drills

Fire drills and other emergency drills are practiced monthly for student safety awareness.  Bus evacuation drills are conducted once a year in the Fall.


Field Trip Policies 

Field trips are designed to expand our students experience and understanding of curriculum.  Parents are always notified of upcoming field trips and must sign permission slips in order for their child to attend the field trip. 


Suspended students and students who have had multiple discipline referrals or suspensions during the year may be excluded from field trips.  The decision to exclude students will be made after a teacher-principal consultation.  Parents will be notified of this decision by the teacher prior to the field trip.


For maximum safety and enjoyment by all students, siblings under the age of 18 may not accompany parents on field trips.  Smoking or the purchase of food or alcohol is not allowed on field trips.  Parents who ride the bus to the field trip are expected to ride it back to school.  All students must ride the bus to and from the fieldtrip.  Costs are covered by the parents for their admission.  Parents always act under the supervision of the classroom teacher when on a field trip.  Parents/Chaperones may not ask for an early dismissal of their other students attending Main Avenue in order to attend a sibling’s field trip.  If a parent insists on having a sibling attend the trip, they may be dismissed as a chaperone.


Visitors to Campus

All visitors to campus must check in at the office.  Please do not go directly to your child’s classroom.  Our school safety policy instructs teachers to keep their classroom doors locked during instructional time. 


Family Custody/Domestic Issues

It is the policy of the Robla School District to remain neutral in all matters of family custody issues and all issues pertaining to family disputes.  Restraining orders and custody agreements must be on file in the school office in order for our staff to respond to our students’ safety needs appropriately.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.




Robla School District Transportation Department may be reached at (916) 333-5054, if you have any questions regarding the bus program. 


Dropping Off/Picking Up Students

There are some important guidelines if you drive your child to school or pick him up from school.  The Student Pick-Up and Drop-Off area is located at the west end of the school, away from the school office.  A gate at that end allows students to enter and exit.  We have signs depicting the “Pick-Up”/”Drop-Off” area.  Staff members are at the pick-up and drop-off area at all dismissal times to help students and parents move quickly through the area.  When you pick up your child, please stay in your car.  Keep in line and pull forward as traffic allows you to do so.  A staff member will walk your child to your car.


DO NOT drive into the area in front of the office to pick up your child or use this parking lot for pick up.  This area is for buses only.  Students are not allowed to walk in this area, as we do not have staff to monitor the parking lot near the office.  It is dangerous to drop-off or pick-up your child there, as cars pull in and out.  Please do not encourage your children to meet you there.  Your cooperation will help us keep our students safe.


Please do not park on the opposite side of the street on Main Avenue and expect your child to walk across alone.  This is very unsafe. 


Primary students who are dismissed at 1:53 p.m. must be picked up at 1:53 p.m.  We do not provide daycare for students whose older siblings are dismissed at 2:33 p.m. and it is not safe for your children to wait out in front of the school by themselves.


Every Thursday is an Early Out Day.  All students are dismissed at 1:28 and must be picked up at 1:28.



Students who ride their bikes to school may park their bikes in the racks located at the front of the school.  Please have your child bring a lock to secure their bike.  Helmets are required and it is strongly recommended that you review bike safety with your child prior to allowing them to ride to school.